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Zibb Stats is a complete financial analysis of the Zibb system

We collect and display all financial and analytical data from Zibb websites. The exact financial indicators of the Zibb system are open to our Users:
Criteria for getting income at all management levels
Implementation of the production process of the financial part
Distribution and use of Zibb system’s incomes
Maximum results based on timely analysis

Zibb Stats monitoring methods

Statistical monitoring of the financial processes of all controlled mechanisms. This is a program and an organized plan that takes into account the technique of the subsequent processing of materials, information that should be reliable, accurate, complete and objectively reflect the actual state of affairs in the financial sector in total and in the context of all areas of the Zibb system.

The summary of Zibb system’s financial instruments

The statistical financial summary includes website resources:
The received primary financial indicators are brought together and form statistical aggregate, which is characterized by generalized indicators of the Zibb system instruments’ profitability.

Analysis of profitability and costs

The summary allows to group and form the received financial indicators and consumables into summary analytical tables. The analysis, in which the aggregate of the Zibb system’s financial sector is presented as a whole and by groups and types of profit, for each direction to the smallest value.

Technical result of Zibb Stats

Based on average, index, sampling methods, dynamics methods, correlation analysis and correlation-regression analysis, we control the financial result for all institutional units of the Zibb system. We timely respond to processes, implementing financial monitoring at a decent level.

Opportunities for the User

Users are widely aware that finance statistics are the right industry for social and economic interaction. All our users see online the exact financial indicators of the system, which form their income. This is an important criterion for the openness of the financial sector of the Zibb system and necessary financial experience for our clients.